The Myth/The Man


“Undisputed champion”

“Outrageously gripping and entertaining performer”

(New Straits Times)

“Milky-bar rasta with a hard-on”



Fetid from two years in the jungles of Malaya, MIGHTY JAH-J! now returns to the UK with his explosive firebrand style of performance poetry. Infused with the rage, honesty and hope generated by living under and resisting a police state through spoken word performance and arts-activism, his poetic visions of modern life are balanced by a satirical self-awareness and playful arrogance that makes for a thrilling and cathartic experience. Fast, funky, furious and funny, his shows combine the energy of clown-punk, the spirit and flow of rub-a-dub and the flailing limbs of a kung-fu action hero.

Taking it as his mission to make poetry the new rock and roll, specifically so he can sell-out and cash in as soon as possible. His swinging moods and extremities leave audiences dangling between disbelief and utter conviction as he toys, cajoles, flirts, berates and crucifies them.


“Furious” George Paul Wielgus is a community arts worker and social activist. Officially a ‘speech and drama instructor’, or so says his visa, for the last two years he has been based in Malaysia working with communities of recovering drug users, refugees and people living with HIV developing forum theatre about these issues. He runs workshops for youths, adults and disadvantaged groups on poetry and performance, and has co-organised arts cells, poetry slams and site-specific art festivals in venues ranging from abandoned buildings to heritage jetties.

As well as blazing a trail through the slam scene of South-East Asia, he has been writer-in-residence at KL’s Lost Generation Art Space, championing their ethos of peaceful creative resistance and inclusive arts policy, and been the artistic director of Fallen Leaves Theatre Company since January 2008.

In 2009 he spent a week in Singapore as a guest of WordForward Limited, performing and running workshops with over 1500 school students.


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