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Inner Terrestrials!

January 29, 2010

Fyah fyah! Burn down babylon

January 10, 2010

Three months back in the UK. Evicted from numerous flats, factories, attended court appearances, hung with zebedee criminalis, top dawg counterculturalistas, insurrection, activism, street protest, blank faces from the past and veer queegan respondiste.

Spewing it into media: war is here. war is everywhere. war on everything!

these places are vapid. these times the forces come down to blindside and blast our minds clean. Against their erosion we must barricade, we must resist, we must overcome.

Every inch; every thought we cram into others is an inch against complete submission to the torrent.

There must be a way through.

They want our minds. Our lives. They want 2+2 to equal 5. They want to rewrite history. Rewrite our consciousness. Suck us down into the cesspit, the grey sacharrine poison of their backwardity.

Choking, cloying, mind warfayre. All the small things have brought us here and we can never forget that the revolution is upon us.