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The Lion-I

February 24, 2008

The Lion I 

I am the embodiment

Of all-conquering Lion of Judah

Servant of Righteousness

Prince of Purity Buddha

About I head is I crown

I blessing from Jah

I music man prayer sayer

My song is my roar.


I is the Lion, the Lion I.


People stop and ask me

Eh, natty Rastaman

Where is it you are going to?

Where is it you are from?

I exist continually

In all people, all places, all time

For God exist in all beauty

And the devil in all crime.


I is the Lion, the Lion I.


All my brothers and sisters

Conquer I fear with Jah-love

Exodus through emptiness

All blessings from above

I am just a man, sitting on street corner

But in my heart roar a lion

With a foot upon each shore.