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TIGER POETRY – now available

June 21, 2010

George Wielgus’ first anthology is now available from

Click on the link below to order your copy online.





February 7, 2010

Two of GW’s poems have been published in independent, beat themed magazine Beatdom. You can download a copy free here or buy one off of Lulu.


No Fear New Year

January 23, 2010

George Paul Wielgus (that’s me) did some stuff this week, I tell thee …

Performed at Catweasel, alongside a rapping harp-player and the indomitably weird Faceometer … open mike shenanigans. didn’t quite match up to the truly bizarre and outrageous nudity-and-worms fest that happened at the Foundry before Christmas, but still grand …

Also, two submissions accepted. Will be appearing in Sharon Bakar’s readingds uber-anthology (alongside everyone else in Kuala Lumpur who somuchas put pen to scrawl).

Also the lovely David Wills from beatdom now wrote back and said he’ll include a couple of pooms in issue 5, coming out January 31st. Feedback from him was ace:

“I like these, so I’ll think about breaking the deadline and putting them in Issue Five. I didn’t like them the first time I read them, but I totally changed my opinion on second reading… I’m not sure why, so I’ll think about it.

Cheers Willsy. That hopefully captures most people’s response to them.

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