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February 24, 2008


We make love like mosquitoes

Whining in the dark

Sucking at each other’s lifeblood


Cannibals of emotion

We devour our own kind

Headhunting for the biggest prize

Scalp collecting after

Ignoble ambushes



Goes the mosquito

And a smear of

Tangy, metallic crimson

Brushes off my body

And my memory

All too easily.


Word Porn

February 24, 2008

Word Porn 

I want to word you

I want to put my words inside of you


Don’t be afraid

I’ll start off slow, gentle

With little short words

So you relax, get comfortable

So you start you like it

Then they’ll get bigger

Harder, faster

Caressing you with lexis

Titillating with syntax

Obfusticating with metaphor

Egregious with symbolism


Steady, don’t get too excited


Words start off flaccid

But get inflated with passion

Erect with meaning

Soon they’re driving a fire inside of you

Massive throbbing words

Huge great purple-headed words

Flushed with allegorical juices

Dripping, hot, miasmic words

Spraying, coursing, biting, kissing words

Words of wanton abandon


I want to see the look on your face

As you feel my words working their literary magic

As the unrelenting flow

The pressure

The insistence of my words

Transforms your experience

From the mundane to the supreme


I want you to gasp as I thrust

A deep word

A grammar of ecstasy

A vocabulary of entries and exits

Right up inside your mental crevasses

Infiltrating areas you never knew you had


Wording, wording, wording

Suck on my words

Put my words in your mouth

And spit them back out at me


I want to ride your pentameter

Incite me to further daring acts of wordage

Word me like you’ve never been worded before

You’ve got the best words in the world

The biggest words

The hardest words

The best words I’ve ever had


Word me, baby!

Word me faster, word me slower

Word me like you love me

Word me up to the highest highs

That’s it! That’s it!

I’m wording, oh my God, I’m wording!

Word with me! Word with me!


The climax of punctuation:

An exclamation mark!


Followed by

A tentative question mark.


Did you conjugate the verb?


Full stop.


Mighty Jah-J Has Landed

February 24, 2008

Mighty Jah-J! 

Me name a Mighty Jah-J; hardest wordsmith in town

Me a one part scholar, one part clown

Me a come to flip that frown upsidedown

But in me a lovin and me words careful you no drown

Coz when I come hotsteppin into your town

All the ladies get wet for five mile around

And there be an earth-quake right through the ground

When me unleash the beast and put me root down.

So a wind up ya waist and push out ya chest

Show me what ya got, show me you a de best

Coz if ya come back wid me, ya be getting no rest

And we be putting dem mattress springs to the test.

Shake up ya batty, let it all hang out

Coz sexuality a gift, of this me have a no doubt

And this very evening we just Adam and Eve pleasin’

Ourselves innocently in de garden of Eden

With a snake and sweet fruit, but me serpent no deceiving

Me know the greatest joy come from giving no receiving

So alla these dawtas holler for me attentions

Me had a few lovers but then again too few to mention

Me a-might talk de talk, but me walk a-walk too

And you be walking crooked leg when me through wid you.

Coz I is de original rough rider

Cruising love waves, smoother than a glider

Bittersweet tang, but refreshing like cider

Me romantic at heart just lookin for a bride-a

But me feel it to cruel to let any women be denied

Maybe you t’ink me act egotisical?

But me got references from ladies praisin me pistol

Gung-ho machismo, bravado bravvadocio

Mi Corazon es libre, mi sexo independecio

Sing it –

Who rock ya spot right around the clock?

Mighty Jah-J! Mighty Jah-J!

Who do the ladies chase for him cock?

Mighty Jah-J! Mighty Jah-J!

Who bin de king lover since the year dot?

Mighty Jah-J! Mighty Jah-J!

Who be bustin’ a nut and leapin’ right off de cot?

Mighty Jah-J! Mighty Jah-J!