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You Are What You Eat

February 24, 2008

You Are What You Eat 

Mutabaruka tell the truth

When he tell me and you

That they call it fast food

Because it kill you fast too

If you comprehending me point of view

With all that fast food you will be through

Stay I-tal, is vital

Delay instant gratification

Pollution of the body now a national vocation

Are what you eat in more ways than one

Media images make up daily consumption.


So you are what you eat so live well and live clean

Purify your mind of the obscene

All that you touch and all that you see

Is all that your life shall ever ever be.


A fast food nation

Living in stagnation

Happy meal don’t make you happy

They a plastic degradation

Now me gotta a crappy toy and a heart condition

Caused by salt, sugar, fat and cholesterol addiction

Food with no nourishment like life with no soul

Consume, consume

You never fill that hole

Liberate from processed living that is our goal

To subsist hand to mouth and eat what I grow


Got no need for no KFC bucket

Got no need for Big Mac, fuck that!

Got no need for no pizza delivery boy

Got no need for no crappy little plastic toy

Cause all these things they bring me no joy

They trick you think you eat

I say that a ploy

They mek you think that you nourish a-plenty

Your belly full but your mind is empty.


What they feeding you through your TV screens?

Designed to delete your personality

Eliminate free will and criticality

With a white supremacist cultural hegemony

30, 000 adverts per annum

Warping your brain cause that’s how they plan ‘em

Now every thought and desire you can conceive

Originate with the devil on that MTV.


Don’t be brainwash but wash your mind clean

Don’t be a brainwash but washit washit washit.


They call it fast food cause it kill you fast too

They call it fast food cause it kill ya!