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August 16, 2009

Last night’s performance at Lepaq was the best there yet, a nice warmer for the Freedom Slam next week. Unlike last time, the audience was already awakened by the Project Desperado samba band. They’ll be dropping in to accompany us next week.

I performed ‘Women, Wine and Weed’, new one hot off the brain ‘Poetry or Death!’ and ‘This Is Liberation’ to a warm response. Then I was filling in whilst Azren got ready and did ‘Mighty Jah-J! Has Landed’ to a muted call and response. I liked the sensation of people getting less and less sure that they should be encouraging such insane arrogance.

So yeah, feeling good! Roll on the slam!


Freedom Slam August 2009

August 5, 2009
Freedom Slam @ Lepaq Cafe, KJ, 22nd August 2009

Freedom Slam @ Lepaq Cafe, KJ, 22nd August 2009

Come on down to the new Lepaq venue KJ mall for our Freedom Slam, August 22nd. Hosted by the lovely Sheena Baharuddin, and featuring myself, Elaine Foster, Illya Syahirah and Mooza Mohd as the Lost Poets.