O.A.P. – Octogenarian Anarchist Punx

From upcoming new collection SQUAT! POETRY (2010).


Octogenarian – insurrection – insurrection – octogenarian

No longer about just tea and cake, but smashin’ the state

Never too late to make a revolution date

It’s a fait accompli, see them barricading with their zimmer frames

Wrinkly resistance the name of the new game.

When you see them on the corner in the woolly bobble hats

They not leaning on canes but on baseball bats

Black studded leather cardigans and gats in their garters

At the given signal they roll them hats down into balaclavas.

They shuffle up in the bank queue, wait patiently in turn

No need to rush, when will the young learn?

When they reach the cashier, they pull whip the pistols from their drawers:

“Get on the floor, bourgeois, and open the vault doors!”

Gang-bangin’ grannies, home-knitted woollens in red and black

They refusin’ their pension, the state can have it back

Organising autonomously at their annual organic vegan bake sales

When you’ve be free all your life, you have no fear of jail.

They breaking their crinkly comrades out of the care homes,

Hear them making their escape by the sound of creakin’ bones

Getaway cars race off at 20 miles per hour,

So you time to read the bumper sticker reading ‘Fight the power!’

Grannies leaning out the back windows keeping cover the shooter

Or riding shotgun on the back of a mobility scooter.

No longer marginalized

Their political views become radicalised

Too many times they been criticized

And their concerns trivialised.

No more hand-outs, or put-downs, or patronisation

Foundation … of the nation … if they refuse to be they can spark a conflagration

Temptation … to believe they can be cast off

But investigate their cocktail parties and you find they mixing molotovs.

So gather around children at the feet of Grandma Beatrice

Even with her arthritis she can make a fist

She got studs in her labret and a tattoo of Bakhunin

And she don’t mind you peeking at a her bright blue Mohican.

And hear the tale of our hero Alfredo Bonnano

Septuagenarian revolutionary still good to go

He be jailed for his part in the Battle of Greece

But pushing 80 he still yelling: “FUCK THA POLICE!”

You down with O.A.P.s? (Yeah you know me) x 3


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