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TIGER POETRY – now available

June 21, 2010

George Wielgus’ first anthology is now available from

Click on the link below to order your copy online.





June 21, 2010

The Furious G appeared at Spice of Life in Soho for Shabby Rogue’s last gig before their hiatus … also there were the hilarious Blabbermouth.

GPW read from upcoming release Tiger Poetry – including Other People’s Poetry, My Ex-Girlfriend Is Smoking, The recurring conundrum of a spiritual minded drug user, plus staples You Are What You Eat and O.A.Ps.

Afterwards, he rocked over to 84 Great Eastern Street to the former FOundry to join the open mic night being held there by the new residents of the squatted social centre.

He gave a reading from Howard Zinn’s People’s History of the United States, and then tore the place up with Civil Disobedience and O.A.Ps.

It felt good to be with a home crowd.


Please Don’t Arrest Me Under The ISA

June 20, 2010

Street protest outside Malaysian Tourism Office, end of May 2010.