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Poetry or Death!

August 16, 2009

Poetry Or Death!

Up against the wall Mother Hubbard!

This poem is a chance.

This poem is a silver six-shooter

Five chambers empty, one loaded

With a bullet that’s gonna blow the back of your head all over the table

1 in six you will be spooning your brains back in, parts lost forever


This poem is a decision

This poem is a doublebarrelled shotgun shoved in your mouth

Teeth clamped around metal

One side loaded with a cartridge of lead pellets

The other with words that’ll pepper the inside of your skull all over the ceiling

Forcing you to choose

50/50 chance

Poetry or death?

Chick chack


This poem is unavoidable, unstoppable

This poem is a shank

A rusty blade that I’ll stick in your belly

And watch you spaz and quiver on the tip of


This poem is bewitchment.

This poem is a voodoo shaman ritual

Where when I find the right combination

Of word and gesture

I will make you my zombie slave

Unlocking parts of you dormant for years

Enslaving your whim to my will

And you’ll never be the same again.


This poem is your death.

This poem is the death of who you were before you heard this poem.

This poem is your old body burning on a spirit fire

Your heart eaten by a maniac

Your head impaled on a spike outside your front lawn

This poem is the end of everything you ever once knew.




August 16, 2009

Last night’s performance at Lepaq was the best there yet, a nice warmer for the Freedom Slam next week. Unlike last time, the audience was already awakened by the Project Desperado samba band. They’ll be dropping in to accompany us next week.

I performed ‘Women, Wine and Weed’, new one hot off the brain ‘Poetry or Death!’ and ‘This Is Liberation’ to a warm response. Then I was filling in whilst Azren got ready and did ‘Mighty Jah-J! Has Landed’ to a muted call and response. I liked the sensation of people getting less and less sure that they should be encouraging such insane arrogance.

So yeah, feeling good! Roll on the slam!


Some Kind Of Wizardry

August 16, 2009

LostGenSpace is all a flutter getting reading for the Bangun Festival, but I however have decided to hide in the virtual world and do some electro-housecleaning. Have been researching festies for next year and yeah, there’s a lot. Let’s hope I can get some kind of info pack together in time. Also found this photo from the first slam where I am levitating some kind of sphere through the power of words.



Press Clippings

August 14, 2009

“the undisputed champion”

“he was an outrageously gripping and entertaining performer. The man can certainly hold a crowd!”

– AHNAF, ‘Slammin Time With Poetry’, The Star, Sun March 2 2008

“Milky Bar Rasta With A Hard-On”

-JitBlues, comment on Youtube


GoGreenSlam April 2008

August 5, 2009

16 minute victory set at the 2nd KL Slam @ Zouk back in 2008. I can’t believe I used to have so much energy. Must be the alcohol and egotism … where did at that go?



The Lost Poets @ LitUpFest Singapore

August 5, 2009

i'm lostWe were in Singapore for a week doing performances and workshops, maybe over 1000 youth over the week saw us slam and host and chat about poetry. We also got thrown out of a school for being ‘trendy’, possibly one of the highlights.

Check out the photos – too trendy for teaching? Time will decide …

The Lost Poets

The Lost Poets


Freedom Slam August 2009

August 5, 2009
Freedom Slam @ Lepaq Cafe, KJ, 22nd August 2009

Freedom Slam @ Lepaq Cafe, KJ, 22nd August 2009

Come on down to the new Lepaq venue KJ mall for our Freedom Slam, August 22nd. Hosted by the lovely Sheena Baharuddin, and featuring myself, Elaine Foster, Illya Syahirah and Mooza Mohd as the Lost Poets.