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February 24, 2008


Whatever happened to individuality?

Whatever happened to idiosyncracy?

Whatever happened to unity? Unity? Unity?

Whatever happened to you and me?


There’s a war going on in Batu Arang

There’s a war in the Bukit Bintang

There’s a war going on in Chow Kit, Brickfields

There’s a war going down your street

From the KLCC to the Damansara Heights

From PJ to Puchong to Ipoh

Port Klang, Melaka, Penang, JB

There’s a war in your kampong scene


You need to get up, get alive and get free

What you see on your TV is not reality

Camera cannot capture a conscious duality


I express through creativity.


In a society where art is a travesty

Self-expression denied with screams of death to originality

A championing of bland, oppressive banality

Of musical theatre and brash commerciality

I fear the seductive lure of mediocrity

And self-censorship, where you don’t say what you think

(Muffled) People here acting like their shit don’t stink.


I call up warriors of words to combat this depravity

Because word sound have power, charged with liberty

Literary emancipators, the inside-outsiders

Introverted heroes of rhythm and rhyme

Extrovert to reconstruct our world with a freedom cry.


There’s a war going on all across the globe

You fighting in that war as you crossing the road

The war is for your thoughts, your mind, your desire

From the moment you born to the time you expire

How you gonna get-de-get-de-get-get free?

Buh-buh-buh-buh-break your mental captivity?

For me-me-me-me-me the answer’s plain to see

You gottagot to think, you got to write, right?

Conjure lexical spells to challenge lies and hype

Thinking free and feeling fast

Combat dead futures by remembering past.


There’s a war going on in London Town

Brazil, India, China, Japan

All across the globe from shore to shore

Whose side you on in the cultural war?


Here is the time you find creative revolution

Artists, poets, addicts in a new art evolution

You can’t see us; we throwing cultural bombs

Art-terrorists, wailing freedom songs!

Storming the barricades of your mind-wipe galleries,

By chanting poems we burn-up those lethargic calories.

Fighting fit, mentally clear

Overcoming the little death of fear.

Guerillas of thought in the jungles of your apathy

Cathartic expression changing lives subliminally.


You see our words is weapons

A poem is an army

A poet is an ideology.

Freedom fighters of the mind, born to defy

Heart warriors and disciples of Hakim Bey

The inside-outsiders, we are many not few

Living amongst you

But never of you.


Civil Disobedience

February 24, 2008

Civil Disobedience 

Who here can get down with civil disobedience?

Who here can get down with civil disobedience?

Who here can get down with civil disobedience?

Who here can get down with civil disobedience?


People protest in the street and they call it a riot

People screaming for their freedom, government try to deny it

They smashing private property, but who own it all anyway?

The same company you sold your life to today and yesterday

They call it private property, but who own it a crooked lottery

Coz when 1% of the people own 90% of the wealth

We know they taking it all through use of stealth

Selling you prepackaged life straight off the shelf

You think the rich care if you get socialized health?

Or you get treated fair by employers or banks?

They too busy reinvesting in bullets and tanks

Protecting they interests, minimizing ours

It’s time we burn ‘em up in they ivory towers

So fight your fear and if you dare

Grab up that tacky plastic McDonald’s chair

And break it over that policeman there

Coz police are the first defense of the state

Brainwash education reinforcing their hate

Of anyone, anything, any idea that challenge them

They authority the face of authoritarianism

Politicians the mouthpiece of big business corporations

Not the public, when you gonna realize there ain’t no representation?

Just a regular process of disenfranchisation

Of misdirection, propaganda and privatization

So grab up your banners and get on them streets in demonstration

Coz the people got the power against dehumanization

Against racial segregation, against corporate sanitization

And there endless delegation leading only to more oppression


So now can you tell me you up for some civil disobedience?

Now can can I hear you want some civil disobedience?

Show me what you got with civil disobedience!

Tear it up tear it up for some civil disobedience!


“Now hang on there, Jah-J,” I’m hearing you cry

“You have to work with the system, just give it a try.

The government works for us, why would they lie?

You just paranoid, thinking it some conspiracy.

We live in the free world, a capitalist democracy!”

The system? The system? The system?

They motherfuckin’ system total hypocrisy

Your motherfuckin’ system sucking people dry

Leaving old folks on the street to die

Starving refugees born to cry

System all about profit margins, not starving Marvins

Who getting the biggest slice of the pie

Depend on who doing the carving

They got the knife and we get the scraps

Videotaped while we eat em, listened to on phone taps

The system don’t right wrongs, only drop bombs

And you think we gonna change that singing peace songs?

We need to reclaim the streets, reclaim our minds

Reclaim our lives, reclaim our rights

It’s our responsibility, not our parents, or our children, or our government, or our corporate sponsors, or anyone but us.


Down with it? Down with it? Down with it? Down with it?


So get up wake up live up smash up crash up burn up fire up smoke up toke up punk up kick up drum up shoot up rock up break up take up no fakers no more liars no more dividers no more us and them us and them us and them it’s the system that killing our minds our love our lives our futures so what you gonna do what you gonna do what you gonna do?



February 24, 2008


We make love like mosquitoes

Whining in the dark

Sucking at each other’s lifeblood


Cannibals of emotion

We devour our own kind

Headhunting for the biggest prize

Scalp collecting after

Ignoble ambushes



Goes the mosquito

And a smear of

Tangy, metallic crimson

Brushes off my body

And my memory

All too easily.


After The Orgy

February 24, 2008

After The Orgy 

Twisted, blistered, hamfisted

Mutilated yet still cognitive

A sprawl of mutant indiscretions

Piled upon each other without end

Without sin, without realization

Every drug taken, every liberty taken

Abused, poisoned, misused, intoxicated

Needles out our eyeballs and between our toes

Stacks of fresh human meat

In the shopping centre rows

Every holy place desolate, every obscenity sanctified

Categorized, commercialized, advertised, desensitized

Overloaded, overstimulated, manipulated, condescended

Evaluated and commodified, sold back to us pound by pound

Any and every and all experiences in a Hollywood film

Marketed to us as reachable dreams

Have it all and more

The most beautiful girls, the most erotic sex, the highest high!

Every error paintbrushed out, people become perfect, unreachable, godlike

Smiling from the magazines subtitled in bold type:

“How To Be Happy!”

“Get Lips Like These!”

“What You Don’t Know About Being Beautiful!”


Erogenously exploited, they’ve managed to tap into

Our minds, our souls, and begin to fill them

We the human land-fills, deposited with the shite

The trite, the meaningless, the gibbergabber

The sensational, the spectacular!

Spastically tackling each drama in our lives

Hungry, famished, starving

Wastrels and skeletons in our plastic mausoleums

Devouring each other, soaking up every emotion

Every event, the screens plugged into our souls

We read from scripts transmitted subliminally

Our poor degenerate Gods

         the Celebrity Pantheon –

pity the poor plastic spastics trapped in

Paparrazzi lenses

They are our slaves! Our gladiators!

Our whores and by Christ do we take our money’s worth

They are our martyrs and our saints and our sacrifices

And we are told to idolize them and then we

Gleefully butcher them on the altar of publicity

A week’s media entertainment.

The bloodletting is ceaseless

The slaughter unimagineable

Across the globe, our planet is raped

Dying, we the cancer that is killing it

Yet we continue to fuck and smoke and drink

And party and smile and shit over everything and everyone

Flicking through magazines, gloating over pictures

Of people we know, but have never met

We lap them up, drown in them, resent their success and revel in their dismay

Selfish, senseless, demonic seraphim that we are.

There is no saving the planet. There is no light.

The human race is on a crashcourse with God’s own wrath.


And we know it.

But we hide behind this infantile, puerile, degrading, demeaning nonsense.

We used to communicate in the language of song

Converse with the trees, the animals, the angels

With our own souls, with each other,

We were understood; we understood.

Now our babel of languages causes only confusion.


In the suddenly chilling darkness

I find myself surrounded by sweating, clammy flesh

Anonymous bodies, blank faces

Panting and spent

Drained of all emotion

All desire

All humanity

We look at each other and see

The mound of human debris we have become.

Empty vessels, bereft of God.

We dress, and shake hands. Awkward smiles.


After the orgy

After all those perceived moments of fleeting bliss

And ecstasy beyond comparison

Those strata of novae like super-pleasures

After every degradation possible

After we’ve done it all, seen it all, experienced it all

We walk out into the cold night street

We will find

That our world has become a wasteland

Our souls have become vacuums

And we are no more satiated

Than when we came in.


Word Porn

February 24, 2008

Word Porn 

I want to word you

I want to put my words inside of you


Don’t be afraid

I’ll start off slow, gentle

With little short words

So you relax, get comfortable

So you start you like it

Then they’ll get bigger

Harder, faster

Caressing you with lexis

Titillating with syntax

Obfusticating with metaphor

Egregious with symbolism


Steady, don’t get too excited


Words start off flaccid

But get inflated with passion

Erect with meaning

Soon they’re driving a fire inside of you

Massive throbbing words

Huge great purple-headed words

Flushed with allegorical juices

Dripping, hot, miasmic words

Spraying, coursing, biting, kissing words

Words of wanton abandon


I want to see the look on your face

As you feel my words working their literary magic

As the unrelenting flow

The pressure

The insistence of my words

Transforms your experience

From the mundane to the supreme


I want you to gasp as I thrust

A deep word

A grammar of ecstasy

A vocabulary of entries and exits

Right up inside your mental crevasses

Infiltrating areas you never knew you had


Wording, wording, wording

Suck on my words

Put my words in your mouth

And spit them back out at me


I want to ride your pentameter

Incite me to further daring acts of wordage

Word me like you’ve never been worded before

You’ve got the best words in the world

The biggest words

The hardest words

The best words I’ve ever had


Word me, baby!

Word me faster, word me slower

Word me like you love me

Word me up to the highest highs

That’s it! That’s it!

I’m wording, oh my God, I’m wording!

Word with me! Word with me!


The climax of punctuation:

An exclamation mark!


Followed by

A tentative question mark.


Did you conjugate the verb?


Full stop.


Punkrock Dreadlock

February 24, 2008


I don’t believe Bob Marley died of cancer

The CIA made him pay

They knew he had the answer

Now all your hatred is directed at each other

When it should be at the state, economy and Big Brother


Your apathy merely keeps you in line

Pointless hatred only wasting too much precious time

We need some new revolutionaries of rap/rock/rhyme

Teach all y’all peace and unity

Is no crime.


I’m getting down like a new de la Rocha

With my fist in the air and a finger for the motherfucker

Keeping us in fear of our sisters and brothers

We should be fightin the power

Not turning on each other.


So be a fighter with a true cause

Give a fuck about the truth of new terrorism laws

Give a fuck about Guantanamo Bay

Innocent men and women deprived of their fair say


Cause this democracy a true sham

We could take it back

If you only gave a damn

But you too busy getting drunk, fucking bitches, chasing money

You won’t realize that it’s wrong till all the rebels are gone.


The Lion-I

February 24, 2008

The Lion I 

I am the embodiment

Of all-conquering Lion of Judah

Servant of Righteousness

Prince of Purity Buddha

About I head is I crown

I blessing from Jah

I music man prayer sayer

My song is my roar.


I is the Lion, the Lion I.


People stop and ask me

Eh, natty Rastaman

Where is it you are going to?

Where is it you are from?

I exist continually

In all people, all places, all time

For God exist in all beauty

And the devil in all crime.


I is the Lion, the Lion I.


All my brothers and sisters

Conquer I fear with Jah-love

Exodus through emptiness

All blessings from above

I am just a man, sitting on street corner

But in my heart roar a lion

With a foot upon each shore.